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December 6, 2017 • Uncategorized

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Salvation »

Jehovah’s Witnesses And The Doctrine Of Salvation by Jason Wright


Jehovah’s Witnesses And The Doctrine Of Salvation. By Jason Wright Introduction Soteriology is the technical term to describe the study of salvation. This article will explore salvation from the perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses; both what it is and how it is obtained. Questions to explore include; what is the locus or nature of the need… Read More ›

The name Jehovah »

The Name Jehovah – by Jason Wright


The name Jehovah By Jason Wright Introduction As the above Watchtower magazine highlights the name “Jehovah” is by far the most important name used by adherents of the Watchtower Society. For a Witness the name Jehovah identifies the true God whom they worship and is superlative to all other names of God. Furthermore, Witnesses believe the… Read More ›

The Holy Spirit »

Jehovah Witnesses – How to open their eyes to Truth by Ray Aldridge


God’s Organisation Question If the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are God’s Organization? We need to ask if this is true. Surrounding Info Watchtower April 1st 1972: “Jehovah has a prophet that he is using, it was identified as a body called the Bible Students of God and later was renamed God’s Faithful & Discreet… Read More ›

What Does The Bible Really Teach Manual Reviews »

What does the Bible really teach? Chapter 19 Review – Remain in Gods Love


Chapter 19 review – Remain in Gods Love So this is it! The last chapter in the book. They are hoping at this stage you are already baptised and now this is the advice for remaining in God’s love. The first thing in paragraph 2-3 is to “trust in God” – Amen! However when you get… Read More ›

The New World Translation »

The Bible or The Watchtower?


It is often said by Christians that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses for their zeal in sharing what they believe, this is true. It is sometimes also said that we should admire Jehovah’s Witnesses because they teach from the Bible, and the Bible alone, this is not true. Under the subject heading: ‘You can understand… Read More ›